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Nepal is not only popular destination for trekking, is also popular for sightseeing tours. Nepal's vast diversity of people, rich culture and art as well as distinctive architecture renders it ideal as the most amazing and interesting destination for tours activities. Nepal has been claimed as one of the best sightseeing tours destination among the tourists with all its varied language, tradition and unique hospitality of the people inhabited in the countryside. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two principal religions of Nepal along with other several religions followed by the people from different ethnic groups. Nepal, therefore, known as one of the multi-religious country which holds temples, stupas and monasteries in uncountable number with variety of God and Goddess depicting the deep faith of the people. Apart from these, Nepal has more to offer for our clients. The amazing and magnificent sight of the Himalayas, a diversity of beautiful landscape, all are beyond human imagination. Nepal's widespread fame in the world being the birthplace of Buddha - 'Light of Asia' is thing of glory for every Nepalese people. Our company offers the best range of treks and tours in Nepal.

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