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Adventure sports in Nepal that should be on your bucket list

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1- Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an adventure sport in Nepal. The criss – cross ancient walking trails laid across the country pose as a great biking route. There are rugged roads passing through villages and woods and there are also roads that are comparatively smoother and pass through the cities

Many Travelers choose to take their biking trip in the region of Godavari, Bungamati, Chapagaun, and one of the best national parks in Nepal, Shivapuri.

Best Places for Biking in Nepal: Lower / Upper Mustang

Especially the lower Mustang, as it is more accessible. The upper mustang is remote and restricted which makes the trail expensive. But the trail is worth spending extra. You ride through the Tibetan Plateau and come down the “world’s deepest gorge.” Reaching the high point of the Mustang trail.

2- White Water Rafting

Nepal has one of the world's best whitewater rafting sites. Splash with the cool waters here as you go through one of the most exciting river rafting and kayaking experiences. The adrenaline rush reaches its acme as you row through serpentine ways, flanked by rocks and boulders. The water of most of the rivers here cascades from the snow-capped Himalayas into the river valley underneath. Emerald forests and blue skies make your river rafting journey even more beautiful.

Best Places for Rafting in Nepal:

  • Seti River
  • Trishuli River
  • Sun Koshi River
  • Karnali River

3- Canyoning

Canyoning is also an adventure sport for all ages, even kids.

Best places for Canyoning – Bhotekoshi . If you’re looking for somewhere close, Sundarijal near Kathmandu also has a place for this activity.

4- Paragliding

Paragliding is an adventure you must not miss in Nepal. The panoramic views of the villages, monasteries, lakes, emerald jungles and temples are exhilarating

Pokhara is the best place to do paragliding since the city has phenomenal sights. The lakes here look like blue dots as you glide in the sky. The take-off point is Sarangkot and Lakeside, Khahare, and Khapaudi is the landing point.

5- Jungle Safari

Nepal has opened avenues for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Ride on an elephant's back or roam the dense jungles in a jeep- it is completely your choice. The southern lowlands of the country, widely known as Terai, are home to some of the most exotic species in the world. About 16% of the country's area is under natural reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries - you have plenty of lands to explore the natural wilderness of the country. The endangered species to spot here are the crocodiles, one-horned rhinos and elephants. And, in case, you come across the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger

Best Jungle Safaris in Nepal:

  1. Chitwan National Park
  2. Bardia National Park

6- Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most heart-pounding experiences in the world. Fall off the steepest ravines and enjoy a free fall like nowhere else in the world. The bungee jump in Nepal was designed by one of New Zealand's leading bungee consultants

Best Bungee Jumping in Nepal

1. Last Resort (160 metres)
2. Hemja (20 minutes from the Lakeside in Pokhara)

7- Rock Climbing

The mountainous terrain in Nepal offers a really unique and exciting rock climbing experience. Beads of perspiration appear as you climb the rugged slopes, but every drop of sweat is worth the fun and adventure. The country has some excellent rock climbing options - for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers

Best Rock Climbing in Nepal

  • Pharping (also called Hattiban)
  • Nagarjun Forest (a 20 minutes drive from Kathmandu)
  • Bimal Nagar (a 15 minutes drive from Bandipur)

8- Zip Flyer

The steep and long zip lines here guarantee you minutes of acute thrill and adventure. You will be amazed by the dark green forests and the tall mountain ranges overlooking them. Nature's exceptional beauty here makes the zip flying experience even more memorable.

Best Places for Zip Flying in Nepal is Sarangkot (1625 metres) and continues till Hemmja Plain at a height of 960 metres. It is 1860 metres long. If you are in Kathmandu and want to enjoy the zip line then you can visit the nearest location i.e. Dhulikhel

There are lots of adventure activities to do in Nepal besides the above listed. Nepal is always on the Top list for adventure seekers. It is the major attraction of tourists coming from the whole world to experience its wonders.

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