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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism is a term used to depict a method for voyaging that limits any negative social, monetary, social or natural effect in the nation being visited. Moreover, dependable the travel industry endeavors to support these segments, by making a space for positive trades among local people and sightseers. 

Pick Local Travel Agent 

Your initial step to rehearse capable the travel industry would pick a privately based office. The greater part of voyager over 75% joining based on internet searcher and you are associated with comission office which implies you are monetarily stacked, explorer, for example, individual explorer, low spending voyager can't stand to go toward his/her fantasy goal on account of high charges or low administration. So we propose it would be increasingly helpful to cross check about the office before booking your sightseeing plan. We are one of the nearby travel operator for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Some Important Guideline to Practice Responsible Tourism in Himalayan Kingdom

  • Please inform yourself to respect each culture, politics, and social expectations before your arrival in the country.
  • While traveling throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan help sustain local business by favoring businesses that conserve cultural heritage and traditional values. 
  • Do not buy goods made from endangered species or ancient artifacts as it will only encourage sellers to continue this line of work.
  • Do your best to ensure that the businesses you are supporting are environmentally conscious. The greener, the better! 
  • Avoid bringing things with you that will contribute to local pollution. Bring as few plastic bags, disposable water bottles and toiletries, wrappers, and the like from your home country.