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Kailash Saga Dawa Trip- 14 days

Trip Overview

Kailash Saga Dawa Tour is one of the most popular festival tours in Tibet, known as Kailash Saga Dawa Festival tour. Mount Kailash is a sacred site in Western Tibet which has great mass of black rock soaring to over 22000 ft. Kailash Saga Dawa tour begins in Lhasa, the holy city to the Tibetan people and the capital city of Tibet, visiting the historical sites of the Potala Palace and Jokang temple which are the world heritage sites of the Unesco. The grand monasteries of Drepung and Sera monastic college. During Kailash Saga Dawa tour, on the way, you will be enjoying the most beautiful view of Yamdrok turquoise lake, Noejin Kangsang mountain and it's glacier. Historical old town of Gyantse and it's giant Kubum pagoda stupa. The largest monastery of the Tsang region, Tashi Lhunpo which is also the seat of the Penchen Lama, the second highest Lama of Tibetan people. Continue Kailash Saga Dawa Tour through the wilderness of the Tibetan plateau, nomad camps, beautiful stream river, wild animals, great Himalayan mountain range, beautiful lakes and many mountain passes, and you will finally reach to the destination of great Mt Kaialsh and Lake Mansarovar.

Saga Dawa Festival - Full Moon Tour

Saga Dawa Festial is celebrated each year on the full moom day of fourth lunar month of Tibetan calender. This is one of the very important religious festival in Tibet. During the periof of Saga Dawa, people from around the world come to Mount Kailash to perform Kora. A giant flagpole at Tarpoche is taken down ritualy and replaced by a new one. The colourful flag pole raised high and pointed towars Gyandrak monastery. The main day of Saga Dawa festival in 2020 is on the 5th of june. Each year people from all over Tibet gather here that day to attach their prayer flags they brought from home to pray. As per Buddhist literary sources the Saga Dava festival is celebrated to honour the life of Lord Buddha. It is said that - Lord Buddha, Light of Asia, at the time of his death had requested his fellow follower and everyone to be happy and strive to follow his teachings for living a noble life.

Mountain Sun Valley will manage your enitre travel plan to explore the Saga Dawa festival 2020. To reach our main destination Mount Kailash and Manasarover lake we will continue Kailash Saga Dawa tour through the wilderness of the Tibeten plateau, nomad camps, beautiful steam river, great himalayan range, beautiful lakes and many mountain passes. This religious journey full of Culture and Natural beauty will enrich you with joy and happiness and fill your heart with excitement.

Trip Info

Destination: Tibet

Trip Routes: Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse -Saga - Mansarover - Tarpoche- Diraphuk - Zutrul Phuk - Darchen - Mansarover-Baryang-Saga - Shigatse - Lasha

Activities: Trekking and Sightseeing

Altitude: 4900m (16076m)

Trip Duration: 14 Day(s)

Trip Grade: Moderate to Strenuous

Season: April to October


Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Lhassa (3650m/60km).
Day 02: Lhasa sightseeing: Potala, Jokang temple and Bharkor
Day 03: Lhasa sightseeing: Drepung & Sera monasteries
Day 04: Drive from Lhasa to Gyantse.(3950Mts/ 280Km )
Day 05: Drive from Gyantse to Shigatse. (3900mts/ 90Km )
Day 06: Shigatse-Lhatse- Ngamring Tso-Saga(4640m/440km)
Day 07: Drive to Mansarovar-Chiu Gompa (4750m/435km)
Day 08: Enjoy Kailash Saga Dawa festival at Tarpoche-Dharchen
Day 09: Tarpoche - Dira Phuk. 18Km 5210m
Day 10: Trek to Zutrul Phuk(4810Mts) via crossing Drolma la pass(5636Mts/15KM)
Day 11: Trek to Dharchen and then drive to Mansarovar-Baryang-Saga, 4450Mts/435
Day 12: Saga-Lhatse-Shigatse, 3900Mts/405Km
Day 13: Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa (3650Mts/ 430KM )
Day 14: Drive from Lhasa to Lhasa Gongkar airport.(3600Mts/ 60Km ) End the trip

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Day 1  Arrival in Lhassa (3650m/60km).
You will be warmly welcomed by our Tibetan guide and driver and accompany you to the holy city of Lhasa along with the view of Bharmaputra, known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan.

Day 2  Lhasa sightseeing: Potala, Jokang temple and Bharkor.
Visit Potala Palace, winter Palace of the Dalai Lama, Jokang temple, the oldest and most sacred temple of Tibet, Bharkor, the ancient Bazzar in Lhasa and the most oldest and sacred pilgrimage trail in Lhasa.

Day 3  Lhasa sightseeing: Drepung & Sera monasteries.
Visit Drepung monastery, the largest monastery in Tibet and one of the six biggest monasteries of Gelukpa sect in Tibetan Bhuddhism. Sera monastery, the scond largest monastery of Tibet and it is very interesting to watch the monks debating in the monastery during your Tibet travel.

Day 4  Drive from Lhasa to Gyantse.(3950Mts/ 280Km )
You will start your tour at around 9Am from your hotel and then drive towards Gyantse through 3 big mountain passes, Kampa La, Karo La, Simila respectively. Karola is the highest pass among them which is over 5000Mts with it's most beautiful glaciers, beautiful Yamdrok lake emerged as coral color from the top of Kampala pass. You will have your lunch at Nakartse country which is just between the Yamdrok lake and Karola glaciers. Visit Gyantse in the afternoon.

Day 5  Drive from Gyantse to Shigatse. (3900mts/ 90Km )
Morning visit a Tibetan carpet factory in Gyantse to witness how the Tibetan Carpet is made of and then drive from Gyantse to Shigatse, visit Tashi Lhunpo monastery. After visiting Tashi Lhunpo monastery, you will walk around the monastery and finish your Kora at the foot of Shigatse Dzong where there is a beautiful local market.

Day 6  Shigatse-Lhatse- Ngamring Tso-Saga(4640m/440km).
After breakfast, continue your Kailash pilgrimage by crossing several mountain passes including Ngamring la 4650Mts and some beautiful villages on the way. The road condition is good and it will take you around 8 hrs to get to Saga.

Day 7  Drive to Mansarovar-Chiu Gompa (4750m/435km).
We follow the road towards Kailash in breathtaking landscapes with some beautiful Tibetan nomad camps and many animals on the grass lands. We follow the road towards Kailash in breathtaking landscapes with some beautiful Tibetan nomad camps and many animals on the grass lands. Reaching Lake Mansarovar and Kailash, it is an amazing view of Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar lake when you see them from Chaktsalkang for the first time. You will feel extremely peaceful, calm, joyful and great when you see beautiful Lake Mansarovar and Mt Kailash right in front of you

Day 8  Enjoy Kailash Saga Dawa festival at Tarpoche-Dharchen.
The Saga Dawa festival is to commemorate the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha Shakyamuni. Thousands of Tibetan pilgrims gather in Lhasa, circumambulate the Lingkor (Outer circumambulation), Bharkor(Middle circumambulation) and Nangkor (inner circumambulation) including the Potala Palace.They also climb to Bumpari and Gephel Utse in Lhasa to make incense and prayer flag offerings. At the same time, during the Saga Dawa festival, thousands of pilgrims and tourists also gather at Mount Kailash and they raise a great prayer flag in Tarpoche in order to pay homage to the great deeds of Buddha.

Day 9  Tarpoche - Dira Phuk. 18Km 5210m
Today is the first day of your Kailash Kora which is totally around 53Km. You start your Kailash Kora from Tarpoche. You will see Trulku monastery on your leftside up on the hill side during your first Kailash trek. You can also see ibex and blue sheep running in the rocky hillside while you are walking and then you will reach Dhira Phuk which was a monastery before but nowadays you can only see the ruins of the monastery as the monastery was destroyed in the cultural revolution.

Day 10  Trek to Zutrul Phuk(4810Mts) via crossing Drolma la pass(5636Mts/15KM)
Today is the second day of your Kailash trek which is indeed the hardest day during those three days Kailash trekking. You will have to climb up to the top of Drolma La pass which is 5636Mt. There will be three sloppy hike to get to the top of Drolma La pass from Dhira Phuk and then pretty steep down hill with rocky path all the way down to the Zutrulphuk valley. On the right side of the Drolmala trail, there is a small lake called Thukje Lake, meaning compassionate lake. Zutrul Phuk was the cave where Mila Repa and Nagro Bonchung debated for their religion sects and nowadays, it is a small monastery. CampZutrul Phuk was the cave where Mila Repa and Nagro Bonchung debated for their religion sects and nowadays, it is a small monastery.

Day 11  Trek to Dharchen and then drive to Mansarovar-Baryang-Saga, 4450Mts/435.
Today is the easiest and last day of your Kailash trekking as you will trek down in the valley with beautiful distant scenery of Rakshas Tal lake. From here you will depart your Yak men and kind Yak and meet our Tibetan drivers. Continue your Mt. Kailash journey back towards Lhasa.

Day 12  Saga-Lhatse-Shigatse, 3900Mts/405Km
It's in the vastness of the Changtang, Tibetan plateau, that we measure the Tibetan space from where suddenly emerge herds of gazelles or Kyang, wild donkeys.

Day 13  Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa (3650Mts/ 430KM )
Start your Tibet tour early in the morning and drive along the Bharmaputra river with a landscape of sandy hills, villages, and Rulak Yungdrung ling at the other side of the river. Rulark Yungdrungling is a Bon monastery in the Tsang regiong. You will have lunch in a small town called Nyenmo which is the border point between Shigatse and Lhasa . Free afternoon for shopping.

Day 14  Drive from Lhasa to Lhasa Gongkar airport.(3600Mts/ 60Km ) End the trip
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