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Ganesh Himal

Trip Overview

Ganesh Himal Trek covers the route that lies just west to the Langtang National Park. The Ganesh Himal Trekking has an outstanding variety of plant life and animals with 300 species of birds and 526 species of plants, including 40 kinds of orchids. Other fascinating wild animals are gaur (Indian Bison), Himalayan Thar, the musk deer, and many monkeys. Trekking in the Ganesh Himal region will offer magnificent views of snowy peaks like Ganesh Himal I, II, III and IV. Ganesh Himal is positioned north-west of Kathmandu, rarely visited by tourists.

Trip Info

Destination: Langtang, Nepal

Trip Routes: Kathmandu - Betrawati - Kispang - Thulo Chaur - Gonga - Rupchet - Kharka; Shing La Pass - Borang - Jharlang - Kintang - Kathmandu 

Activities: Trekking and Sightseeing

Altitude: 4070m (13353ft)

Trip Duration: 13 Day(s)

Trip Grade: Moderate

Season: September to December and March to May


Outline Itinerary

Day 01 - Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 02 - Preparation for trek and Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour

Day 03 - Kathmandu to Betrawati. (850m) Duration: 5 hrs

Day 04 - Betrawati to Kispang (1600m) Duration: 5 hrs

Day 05 - Kispang to Thulo Chaur (2200m) Duration: 5 hrs

Day 06 - Thulo Chaur to Gonga (2900m) Duration: 4 hrs

Day 07 - Gonga to Rupchet (3635m) Duration: 4 hrs

Day 08 - Rupchet to Kharka (2500m) via the Shing La Pass (4100m) Duration: 7 hrs

Day 09 - Kharka to Borang (1800m) Duration: 7 hrs

Day 10 - Borang to Jharlang (1700m) Duration: 6 hrs

Day 11 - Jharlang to Kintang Phedi (1200m) Duration: 6 hrs

Day 12 - Drive to Kathmandu by jeep, 8-9 hours

Day 13 - Farewell

Cost and dates
We do small group trek or private trip as your request. 
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This trip can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, For more information please e-mail us at mountainsunvalley@gmail.com


Day 1  Arrive in Kathmandu

We will welcome you at the airport and drop you to the Hotel.

Day 2  Preparation for trek and Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour

Today you will have a tour of the World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu valley.

Day 3  Kathmandu to Betrawati. (850m) Duration: 5 hrs

We will drive from Kathmandu to Betrawat Bazaar passing through Trishuli Bazaar for about 5 hours. We can enjoy wonderful views of farm fields, small villages, and terraced slopes set against a background of the Ganesh Himal Range.

Day 4  Betrawati to Kispang (1600m) Duration: 5 hrs

An easy trek today through farmland and local villages until we reach Kispang, a small village inhabited by Tamang people who depend on farming for their livelihood.

Day 5  Kispang to Thulo Chaur (2200m) Duration: 5 hrs

A gentle ascent passing through more local villages where you will see the Tamang people practicing a traditional lifestyle. We will see local schools, monasteries, and some pretty waterfalls along our way today.

Day 6  Thulo Chaur to Gonga (2900m) Duration: 4 hrs

We ascend steadily through a deep, mixed forest of rhododendron and pine, hopefully, you will spot some of the wildlife as we trek. Deer, Langur monkies and wild boar amongst others, all call this place home. On reaching Gonga, get your camera out for some wonderful views of the Ganesh Himal Range.

Day 7  Gonga to Rupchet (3635m) Duration: 4 hrs

We will continue through the thick forest, gaining altitude as we go, enjoying spectacular views of the Great Himalayan Chain and the Tibetan mountain range.

Day 8  Rupchet to Kharka (2500m) via the Shing La Pass (4100m) Duration: 7 hrs

Today we will have a Steep trek up to Shing La Pass. A tiring feat but one which will be rewarded with stupendous views of Mount Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Manaslu, and the surrounding Himalayas. After soaking up the alpine atmosphere on the pass, we head down, steeply ascending for 4 hours to Kharka.

Day 9  Karka to Borang (1800m) Duration: 7 hrs

The journey today is steeply downhill through terraced farmland and some quaint villages. Borang is another typical Tamang village where you will be offered a warm welcome and have the chance to enjoy some beautiful mountain vistas.

Day 10  Borang to Jharlang (1700m) Duration: 6 hrs

A lot of “Nepali Flat” today as we hike past the perfectly terraced fields that the local villagers' farm. We will reach the Tamang village of Jharlang in the afternoon where we will set up camp.

Day 11  Jharlang to Kintang Phedi (1200m) Duration: 6 hrs

A steep descent through local villages where you will find mixed cultures co-habiting. Some pretty countryside views with a stunning mountain backdrop are to be had as we make our way to Kintang Phedi.

Day 12  Drive to Kathmandu by jeep, 8-9 hours

Today you will drive to Kathmandu by jeep for 8-9 hours.

Day 13  Farewell

We will drop you to the airport approximately 3 hours before the scheduled flight.

Equipment List

  • Waterproof jacket.
  • Waterproof trousers.
  • Fleece jacket.
  • Down jacket.
  • Fleece/sweater
  • Light-weight fleece or wool vests.
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt.
  • Warm hiking trousers.
  • Underwear.
  • Warm hat 
  • Wide rimmed sun hat.
  • 2 – 3 pairs good quality walking socks.
  • Warm gloves or mitts.
  • Large rucksack or Duffel bag.
  • Rucksack liner or thick bin bag.
  • Day sack. 
  • Dark sunglasses.
  • High factor sun-cream.
  • Lip balm preferably with sun bloc.
  • Ear plugs. 
  • Head torch/torch and spare batteries.
  • 1 liter 2 water bottle.
  • Water purification kit. 
  • Toiletries.
  • Small hand towel. 
  • Toilet paper.

Useful Info

This trek can be redesigned or redeveloped as per your taste, For more information please e-mail us at mountainsunvalley@gmail.com


Is it safe to drink the water in Ganesh HimalTrek

No. You cannot drink the water from the tap or streams in Ganesh Himal Trek. Mineral water is not available on the trail. It is expensive to buy (perhaps 10 times more than in Kathmandu). You can use a water purifier or SteriPen.

Will we be using tents and mattresses on the trek?

No. There are teahouses along the trek. We will not need tents or mattresses.

Will I need to use crampons on this trek?

No. The trails are well marked. Unless you go in mid-winter you will not need crampons. Instead of crampons, carry micro spikes which are not technical, lightweight to carry, cheaper and fit any shoe size.

Will I need to bring my own sleeping bag or not?

Yes, bring your own or you can rent it or buy it in Kathmandu. Renting a sleeping bag in Kathmandu will cost you $1 or $2 per day. 

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Duration 13 days
Transportation Bus/Jeep
Group Size Min. 2 – Max – 12 pax
Difficulty Moderate
Max Elevation 4070m
Accomodation Tea House/Camping
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