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Day tour in Kritipur

Trip Overview

Kirtipur is an old Newar village town, It lies about 8 km to the south-west of Katmandu on the top of a hill. Kritipur day tour is for those whose are interested in architecture, religion, culture and  history. 

This ancient city has very interesting history and unique culture.  There are several temples, monasteries and palaces for sightseeing. The temple of Aadinath, situated on a top of the hill, the Chilamcho Stupa, the temple of Bagh Bhairav, Uma Maheshwor temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shri Kirti Bihara, a Buddhist Monastery are also major attractions of Kirtipur.

In a very short distance about half kilometer, the Chovar sightseeing point lies from where you can see the water exit gorge of the Kathmandu valley.

Outline Itinerary

Drive to Kritipur

Kritipur Sight-Seeing

Drive back to Kathmandu



Drive to Kritipur

After having breakfast, you will drive towards Kritipur for about 30 mins in a private jeep.

Kritipur Sight-Seeing

1.Chilancho Stupa

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/90/2a/fe902adfac00df18e4b5f93b261f3aeb.jpgAfter entering the Kirtipur city we visit the Chilamcho Stupa, a pagoda style temple. It lies at quite a height surrounded by traditional homes all around. People living there and their lifestyle also seem to be very traditional and ritual. 

2.Bagh Bhairab Temple

We move down from Chilamcho Stupa to Bagh Bhairab Temple. It lies around half a kilometer from Chilamcho Stupa. The Bagh Bhairab temple consists of statue of Hindu God Bhairab. From the back side of this temple the panoramic Kathmandu valley view can be observed. 

3. Uma Maheshwor Temple

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/37/dd/7d/37dd7d5cf5214a84a36770064b9c0165.jpgWe leave for Uma Maheshwor from there. It is located at the maximum height of Kirtipur town. From that place we see the complete view of Kathmandu valley. The Swayambhunath, White Gumba can be located from the left wing of the temple.

4. Shri Kirti Bihar

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6ilNPuHzC3k/WKUemT2c2NI/AAAAAAAAPWI/QgvM8bOXj90Jl7eAFTx5xrysCN3jf7rZwCLcB/s1600/Kirtipur_DSCF4206.jpgAt last we reach Shri Kirti Bihar. There we find the statue of every stage in Siddhartha Gautam life turning to Gautam Buddha. The enlightment getting is so fascinatingly shown through carvings. 

Drive back to Kathmandu

In the evening you will drive back to Kathmandu

Equipment List

  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Black Sunglasses

Useful Info

A heritage site worth visiting

If you’ve only got time to visit Kathmandu and little else then put Kirtipur on your list! It’s only 25 minutes away by bus or even faster by taxi. You can cover all the sights there in well under half a day trip. It’s away from the crowds. There’s no entrance fee. It’s a classic Newari heritage site. And, you get to go somewhere very few people know about!


1: How do I book the package tour to Nepal? 
If the tour itinerary given in the website suits you, you can book online, e-mail, call or fax us. It is also possible to customized the itinerary as per your desire.

2: When is the best season to travel to Nepal? 
The best season to visit Nepal is from March to May and September to November. 

3. Do we need to cover travel insurance? 
Yes, we advise you to get your insurance cover from your respective country.

4. What kind trekking guide do you use for the trip? 
We use honest, experienced and English speaking guides for the trip.

5: Should I feel embarrassed expecting a porter to carry my pack?
Definitely not. If you can afford a personal porter it is highly recommended.

6: Is Communication to home possible on trek?
There are telephones in many villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls. We inform daily trekking report to your relatives to home.

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