Where do you want to go ?


Minimum 6 months valid passport and two copies of pp size photograph. A normal health certificate from your personal doctor to those are 50 years and above by age.


we need your passport copies to apply for Tibet Travel Permit which is required by Chinese government.
We will apply Tibet permit before 30 days of departure date.

we need your original passport for Group Visa processing:

Indian Nationality: You have to send your original passport 10 working days before Fixed Kailash Dates for Visa processing

Foreign Nationality: We need your original passport 03 working days before Fixed Kailash dates in our Kathmandu.

We will provide A/C Coach.

For Overland trip :there will be  jeep from Kathmandu to Kerung 

we will provide you A / C bus

- Kathmandu to Rasuwa gadi - Kerung (Nepal - Tibet border) tourist bus will be used. In Tibet, 4500 CC Toyota Landcruiser or Luxury Bus will be used. Routing Kathmandu - Rasuwa gadi- Kerung - Saga -Paryang -Mansarovar - Darchen - Dirapuk - Zuthulpuk - Darchen - Paryang - Saga -Kerung - Kathmandu.

Kailash Yatra by Helicopter
Kathmandu - Nepalganj - Simikot - Hilsa (by plane/helicopter)

 Taklakot - Mansarovar - Darchen  by A/C  Bus

 Dirapuk - Zuthulpuk - Darchen - by Walk 

Mansarovar - Taklakot - Hilsa - by A/C Bus

Simikot  - Nepalganj - Kathmandu (by plane/helicopter).

 In how many days would I finish Mt. Kailash Parikarma and how long it is?
 Holy Kailash parikarma is approx 52 kms trek to be completed in 3 Days. Nightstay in Dirapuk & Zuthul-puk.

What is the best time to travel?
Holy Mt. Kailash yatra starts in the last week of April till September every year.

How many days would I need to hire the Horse and a Porter during the whole trip and how much it costs?
If you do not want to trek you can hire horse for parikarma. Parikarma (kora) that is for 3 days. 

 What are the hidden charges i.e. to be paid direct?
 Additional expenses incurred due to delay, Accidents, Natural disaster & Political action. Following are the charges not included during yatra.
- Yak and Yak man cost
- Rescue or evacuation if need, Tibet visa separation cost
- Travel insurance, drink, laundry, Telephone/fax, Additional transportation cost.
- If you are not going for Kailash Parikrama due to any reason and staying back at Darchen for three days, you have to pay extra cost  for accommodation and food in Darchen.

 How much amount we should carry?
In Kathmandu you may use USD OR Indian Currency. For Tibet you will need Chinese Yuan only. for 11 days in Tibet we suggest you to carry approx Yuan 2500-3500 Per Person. Which you may need for emergency and to pay for horse during Kailash Parikrama. 
You can exchange Yuan in Kathmandu or in Tibet border. Most of the yatri exchange their currency in Nepal-Tibet border.

How about accommodation facilities ?
5 Star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and guest house accommodation in Tibet. 

Do you provide some equipment?
We Provide:

  • Camping Equipments
  • Sleeping bags 
  • Down jacket 
  • Oxygen Back-up & Gaymo Bag
  • Walking stick
  • water bottle

Is it essential or good to commence the tour on a full moon day?
You can commence your yatra any day. Some people prefer to reach at Mansarovar or Kailash on full moon day.Its  upto you.

Can we take children with age group below 10 years?
 Yes, you can take children  along with you at your own risk .Children and adult price is same.

Will one oxygen cylinder be sufficient for four of us?
Our team will provide oxygen cylinder in emergency.You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. 

If we are not feeling comfortable or physically fit for parikarma then what we will do.
In such case, you must stay back in Darchen for 3 days and wait rest of the group in Darchen.

 Do you have any age restriction?
 No, we do not have any age restrictions. If you are physically fit you may travel but sometime Chinese Authority do not permit for people aged 70 and above to do the parikrama. We insist every one to consult with their doctor and must mention that you are going to high altitude. Many of old aged people travelled with us and have successfully done the parikrama.